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Service Delivery Report

#InitiativeThemeIndicatorPartnersStatusStatus Date
1EWEC2011Service DeliveryHealth workers in hard to reach areas trained on basic EmONC 0Not Achieved2016-02-29 05:50:17
2EWEC2011Service DeliverySkilled health workers recruited for hard to reach areas 0Not Achieved2016-02-29 05:51:26
3EWEC2011Service DeliveryAll hospitals offer comprehensive EmONC services 0Not Achieved2016-02-29 05:52:40
4EWEC2011Service DeliveryAll health centres provide basic EmONC services 0Not Achieved2016-02-29 05:54:12
5EWEC2011Service DeliveryIncrease of comprehensive EmONC services in health centres to 50% 0Not Achieved2016-02-29 05:54:55
6EWEC2011Service DeliveryIncreased demand for FP services0Not Achieved2016-02-29 06:28:52
7EWEC2011Service DeliveryRH voucher system for public and private sector which includes EC, ACS for management of premature labor, CHX for cord hygiene and antisepsis) developed and implemented 0Not Achieved2016-02-29 06:31:00