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Finance Report

#InitiativeThemeIndicatorPartnersStatusStatus Date
1FP2020Finance$5m is allocated for family planning (FP) supplies2Not Achieved2016-02-24 01:21:13
2FP2020FinanceAdditional $5m mobilized from donors 0Not Achieved2016-04-27 07:03:22
3FP2020FinanceAnnual review of country’s needs conducted and funding gaps identified 0Not Achieved2016-04-27 07:05:27
4FP2020FinanceFunding gaps addressed by donors 0Not Achieved2016-04-27 07:07:39
5FP2020FinanceReproductive Health(RH) sub-account created and is operational 1Not Achieved2016-02-24 01:28:46
6FP2020FinanceQuarterly funds released from MoFPED 0Not Achieved2016-02-24 01:29:43
7FP2020FinanceRH supplies procured, stored and distributed to Health facilities 0Not Achieved2016-04-27 07:09:00