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Policy Indicators

1Tax exemption for family planning commodities and contraceptives achieved FP20200Not Achieved
2Declassification of contraceptives including injectables achieved FP20200Not Achieved
3Service delivery standards amended to widened services at Health Centre IIs UNCoLSC 20130Not Achieved
4Policy on task shifting in place UNCoLSC 20130Not Achieved
5Implementation research conducted and findings disseminated UNCoLSC 20130Not Achieved
6CME guidelines updated and health workers mentored on use of ACS, CHX, MgSo4, Uterotonics UNCoLSC 20130Not Achieved
7Current pre-service training curriculum updated on (i) ACS for lung maturation in PT labor (ii) CHX for cord care (iii) misoprostol (v) resuscitation devices (iv) FC, EC and implants (v) latest updates in neonatal sepsis management using injectable antibiotics UNCoLSC 20130Not Achieved
8Passing of National Population Council Bill into Law FP20200Not Achieved