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Funded Initiatives for National Population Council Secretariat

Initiative Contributions for National Population Council Secretariat

#IndicatorContributionDescriptionFiscal Year
1$5m is allocated for family planning (FP) supplies (FP2020)Lobby support• Popsec helped lobby support from Members of Parliament, MOFPED and partners involved in execution of Budget of FY 2014/15 • Participated in the budget tracking and advocacy activities 2015/2016
2Passing of National Population Council Bill into Law (FP2020)AdvocacyEngaged in high level meetings with PPD ARO and Members of Parliament to push for the NPC Law.2014/2015
3Passing of National Population Council Bill into Law (FP2020)High level advocacy to pass NPC Bill into LawPopulation Secretariat led the initiative to which the National Population Council (NPC) Bill was enacted into the National Policy Council Act 04 of 2014 and a Population Council board launched. The law will create a new government body (National Population Council) to oversee the country’s population, reproductive health and family planning policies. The Council comprises of: a) the Chairperson; (b) the Vice Chairperson; (c) two members, one of whom shall be a person with disabilities; (d) the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry responsible for finance; (e) one representative, at level of Commissioner or its equivalent, from; (i) the Uganda National Bureau of statistics (ii) the National Planning Authority; iii) the National Council of Higher Education; (iv) the Immigration and Citizen Board; (v) the Equal Opportunities Commission; (vi) the Ministry responsible for Health; (f) one representative from the civil society organizations; and (g) The Director General. The budget will increase and have a vote decided by the NPC Board.2015/2016


NameNational Population Council Secretariat
Description Population Secretariat Popsec) was established as a semi-autonomous government institution under the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED), to coordinate the formulation and implementation of a comprehensive Population Policy and to ensure the incorporation of population variables in Uganda’s development planning at all levels.
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