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Funded Initiatives for UPMB

Initiative Contributions for UPMB

#IndicatorContributionDescriptionFiscal Year
1Implementation research conducted and findings disseminated (UNCoLSC 2013)Carried out baseline studiesUPMB has carried out some baseline surveys over the year 2014/15 on barriers to access of LSCs both from the community perspective and provider perspective and have written articles for a number of different journals2014/2015
2Skilled health workers recruited for hard to reach areas (EWEC2011)have recruited over 100 HWsa) With support from USAID -SDS program, UPMB has recruited over 100 HWs in their facilities b) Have a scholarship scheme in conjunction with the Japanese government which is offered every Academic year 2014/2015
3Increased demand for FP services (EWEC2011)Implemented 3 projectsa) Under the Evidence 2 Action (E2A) Family Planning Project, UPMB is strengthening the referral mechanisms and increasing facility providers’ participation in Family Planning (FP) outreach events that include FP promotion and insertion of long acting contraceptive methods that require more client resources to access. The project will strengthen both facility and community-based services through provider training and demand generation in the catchment areas of nine (9) UPMB health facilities spread geographically across the country. These nine facilities include PAG Mission Health Centre IV in Lira district; Amuca SDA Centre III and Amai Hospital in Amolatar district; New Life Medical Centre in Kitgum, JOY Medical Centre Ndeeba, St. Stephens Hospital and Kireka SDA Centre II in Kampala, Ngora Hospital in Ngora district and Kumi Hospital in Kumi district. b) Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH) is working with Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB) to increase awareness, availability and uptake of fertility awareness-based methods (FAM) of family planning namely Standard Days Method® (SDM), TwoDay Method®, and Locational Amenorrhea Method (LAM) in 8 UPMB health facilities, namely Azur Health Centre IV in Hoima district; Kolonyi and Chrisco Hospitals in Mbale and Manafwa districts; Rugarama Hospital in Kabale, North Kigezi Health centre IV in Rukungiri; and Kagando Hospital, Rwesande Health centre IV and St Paul Health centre IV in Kasese district. c) Packard Foundation Family Planning Project which seeks to strengthen the capacity of church-run health facilities to develop and implement quality family planning (FP) programs at larger scale, attract yet unreached clients and improve rural health services that influence the health of women and children. This project will support the expansion of FP access and choices; through integration of FP provision into the repertoire of existing health workers such as those already working in HIV, Child Survival, Maternal Health etc. FBOs can extend FP access to the poorest and most remote communities in Africa where they tend to establish and sustain health programs over long periods of time.2014/2015
4Skilled health workers recruited for hard to reach areas (EWEC2011)Active training Institutionsa) UPMB has very active training institutions, of which over 60% of the total Health worker force are trained through UPMB institutions b) The Health Workers are trained in different FP methods especially Long term methods like the use of IUDs2014/2015
5All health centres provide basic EmONC services (EWEC2011)Offer EmONCAll UPMB health facilities offer Basic Emergency Obstetric and Newborn care2014/2015
6Skilled health workers recruited for hard to reach areas (EWEC2011)Recruitmenta) UPMB with support from the Mildmay HRH Project recruited and enumerated 16 staff in Mityana and West Buganda diocese. b) With support from USAID-SDS project, 72health workers were recruited and placed in 31 UPMB health facilities. In additonThey have a scholarship scheme in conjunction with the Japanese government offered each year. 2015/2016
7Increased demand for FP services (EWEC2011)Improve access Quality and Availability• Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB) is implementing the Expand FP A3 ( Access, Availability and Awareness) and uptake of Fertility Awareness-based Methods (FAM) in 8 UPMB health facilities (Rugarama Hospital; Kagando Hospital; Kolonyi; Chrisco; Azur; N. Kigezi; St. Paul and Rwesande HC IVs). • Under the Evidence to Action (E2A) project in partnership with Pathfinder and USAID is strengthening referral mechanisms increasing facility providers’ participation in FP outreach events that include FP promotion and insertion of long acting contraceptive methods. The project is being implemented in 9 UPMB facilities in North, Central and Eastern Uganda. The project has gotten an extension for another 3 years to September 2019. 2015/2016


DescriptionUganda Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB) is a faith-based Non-Governmental Organization that brings together Protestant Churches in Uganda involved in Provision of Health Services. UPMB serves as a link between Government/Development Partners and UPMB-Member Institutions to provide support to its members through capacity strengthening, coordination, lobbying and Advocacy, public relations and translation of government policies. It also seeks to improve the health status of people living in Uganda, especially the marginalized and the poorest of the poor, in fulfillment of Christ healing Ministry.
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