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Funded Initiatives for DFID

#IndicatorFunding AmountAmount (UGX)Fiscal Year
1Additional $5m mobilized from donors (FP2020)USD. 10,000,00036,500,000,0002014/2015

Initiative Contributions for DFID

#IndicatorContributionDescriptionFiscal Year
1Funding gaps addressed by donors (FP2020)Resource mobilisationDFID contributed $ 10 million US dollars for RH commodities2014/2015
2Implementation research conducted and findings disseminated (UNCoLSC 2013)Provided technical assistance• Strengthening Evidence based decision making in the GoU-II by funding key surveys, evaluations and key capacity building activities including medical research so more evidence is available and used by policy makers and general public.2015/2016


DescriptionDFID works in Uganda to improve the quality of essential services and help protect the most vulnerable and improving maternal health and government accountability.
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