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Funded Initiatives for PPD ARO

Initiative Contributions for PPD ARO

#IndicatorContributionDescriptionFiscal Year
1$5m is allocated for family planning (FP) supplies (FP2020)High level advocacy• High level budget advocacy that led to the inclusion of the RH commodities budget on Vote 116 at the National Medical Stores • For over the last five years has supported technical assistance for RH commodities budget tracking that led to 100% allocation against expenditure • The budget tracking activities led to the development of the “11 step guide to RH commodities budget tracking • PPD ARO links FP partners to higher level offices in the country for advocacy when faced with barriers to allocation and expenditure of RH commodities budget at National Medical Stores (NMS) 2014/2015
2Policy on task shifting in place (UNCoLSC 2013)Advocacy• Advocacy and visibility of the issue at the highest level • Co-chair of the National task sharing advisory committee • Engagement of parliamentarians 2014/2015
3$5m is allocated for family planning (FP) supplies (FP2020)RH budget tracking for FY 2015/16• PPD ARO hired a Consultant to undertake the NMS RH commodities budget tracking for FY 2015/16. The consultancy seeks to determine and confirm allocated and expended resources to FP commodities at national level and distribution at district levels. The results of this consultancy stimulate advocacy actions to ensure that the FY 2015/2016 budget allocation/expenditures are realized.2015/2016


DescriptionPartners in Population and Development (PPD) is a Southern-led, Southern-run inter-governmental organization with deep commitment to improving the reproductive health and rights in collaborating and partner countries, in strategic partnership with NGOs and other civil society organizations. PPD was founded with ten country members in 1995 to promote south-south cooperation in reproductive health and population and development.
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