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Funded Initiatives for MSH -UHSC

Initiative Contributions for MSH -UHSC

#IndicatorContributionDescriptionFiscal Year
1Improve Post-shipment testing and Alternative Distribution system (FP2020)HMIS Rx SolutionFunded by USAID, Uganda Health Supply Chain (UHSC) under Management Sciences of Health (MSH) is supporting the Government of Uganda’s health system to improve the availability and accessibility of essential medicines and health supplies (EMHS). UHSC is supporting by rolling out the HMIS Px Solution at the Health Centre IVs and all the hospitals for commodities management2014/2015


DescriptionMSH is a private non-profit organisation International Organisation working in public health areas to strengthen health care management and improve access to critical health care works with health leaders throughout the world on global health’s biggest challenges, with a focus on HIV & AIDS, TB, malaria, chronic diseases, family planning, and maternal and child health. Together with partners, they work toward a shared vision of universal health coverage, accessible, affordable, appropriate health services for all through stronger health systems.
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