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Funded Initiatives for Wellshare International

Initiative Contributions for Wellshare International

#IndicatorContributionDescriptionFiscal Year
1Increased demand for FP services (EWEC2011)Community engagement• Helping in promoting female condom as part of the method mix in Arua. • Training of 163 VHTs on provision of short term methods and Sayan Press in Kumi and Iganga districts with support from JSI • Integration of FP and HIV in Arua district • Facilitated community dialogue and talk shows on the use of short term methods and depo provera 2014/2015
2Implementation research conducted and findings disseminated (UNCoLSC 2013)Formative AssessmentWellshare Carried out a formative assessment to evaluate current knowledge, use, supply, and barriers to the uptake of ECPs in four districts of Uganda where Community based Family Planning programs are operating2015/2016
3Increased demand for FP services (EWEC2011)Scaling up access•Advancing Partners and Communities to Injectable contraceptives has scaled up access to community planning services (including injectables and other short-term methods) in Iganga and Kumi districts. Through this, have trained over 163 VHTs to deliver family planning counseling and short term family planning methods thus bringing services closer to rural men and women of reproductive age. Wellshare International also facilitated community dialogue and talk shows on the use of short and long term methods.2015/2016


NameWellshare International
DescriptionWellShare International partners with communities and health care providers to design, implement, and evaluate health programs that respond to the needs of each population we serve. It uses the community health worker model to reduce health disparities by reaching under-served communities to promote health, prevent disease, and increase access to health services.
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