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Funded Initiatives for UFPC

Initiative Contributions for UFPC

#IndicatorContributionDescriptionFiscal Year
1$5m is allocated for family planning (FP) supplies (FP2020)Advocacy• Advocacy for inclusion of contraceptives on the RH commodities budget • Advocacy for budget tracking 2014/2015
2Policy on task shifting in place (UNCoLSC 2013)Advocacy• Provision of evidence for task sharing • Advocacy for task sharing policy to protect health worker litigation 2014/2015
3Increased demand for FP services (EWEC2011)Advocacya) Advocacy for inclusion of Female condoms among the contraceptives b) Advocate for use of Uganda CIP FP Indicators2014/2015
4Policy on task shifting in place (UNCoLSC 2013)Capacity Building• In partnership with Faith to Action network, built capacity of Faith based organisations (FBOs) in family planning and SRHR issues in February 2016.2015/2016


DescriptionThe Uganda Family Planning Consortium (UFPC) was established in 2010 to improve the health and quality of life in Uganda by providing a forum for coordination and advocacy on family planning (FP). Its' goal is to improve access to contraception in Uganda by securing supplies, expanding service delivery, and coordinating partner efforts. UFPC comprises Marie Stopes Uganda (MSU), Reproductive Health Uganda (RHU),PACE, FHI360, Pathfinder International, and the Uganda Health Marketing Group (UHMG) with occasional representation from partners such as USAID, Partners in Population Development, Africa Regional Office (PPD ARO), DFID and Advance Family Planning.
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